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How self- hypnosis skills helped me train for and achieve a trek to Everest Base Camp, during May 2023:

“Whilst training for this trek, I had to implement a certain mindset, one of motivation and determination. I focused on the reward hormones of dopamine and how I would feel after I had trained when I had intended to and internalised this. I used visualisation to try and train myself to look at a steep incline as something achievable instead of a feeling of " I can't do this" then it's a " "I can do this." Regular training built confidence and installed positive memories to be able to recall when I needed to remember my resilience and strength of mind and body. On a couple of occasions, I had moments of panic when at a height on a mountain with wide open space, and sheer drops. On those times I remembered my hypnotherapy skills and focused on my senses and my breathing to bring me back to a place where I could continue...

I sometimes feared the future, focussing on the fears and negative parts of the trip, i.e. altitude sickness, small plane trip and failure. It is then that I had to flip the polarity and move myself from my primitive brain to my intellectual brain where I am aware that most of what we worry about rarely ever happens and has a drain on our energy. Instead I diverted my attention to what beautiful scenery I will see, a different culture, working as part of team, and experiencing a massive lifetime achievement whilst raising money for charity.

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