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Gut instincts and health

Updated: Jun 11

Gut Instincts and Health

Researchers have found that the primitive part of the brain is always “looking out for you” and its aim is to keep you safe at all times, even when we are dreaming. When the conscious (intellectual part of the brain) is otherwise engaged we can imagine the primitive part as a vigilant guard with 360 degree vision and super senses always on alert.

So, if something is slightly out of the ordinary or out of kilter in relation to a memory, a new experience or the environment that you are in, hormones will be released to give you the heightened awareness to keep you safe.

As adults we are aware of how our own body reacts to new surroundings, repeated experiences good or bad, relationships, even how our body reacts to the changes in the weather and our environment. These changes can be positive or negative within our body. It could be a surge of warmth (the one you get when you have a hug) or a feeling of happiness and contentment, a burst of pride, there are so many more, I like to call it my fluffy feeling. The negative feelings some people are all too familiar with as they sometimes cloud their every-day which makes trying to even imagine a fluffy feeling difficult. These negative feelings can display themselves as a racing heart, sweaty palms, fatigue, change in metabolic rate, some people explain a head full of chatter.

We only have one life, one body, so if we feel a change in this precious body and mind of ours, we should listen and take note. If we feel that our body isn’t firing on all cylinders, there is usually a reason and our body is trying to alert us. So many people ignore this gut instinct because they can’t put their finger on what the change or feeling is, it could be a general fatigue, feeling off, unable to concentrate, a pain, discomfort or an ache.

Taking responsibility and looking within ourselves helps us to get to know ourselves better so we can detect changes in our physical, mental and spiritual health. Ask yourself these questions if you detect negative changes, “Am I going through a stressful period in my life?”, “Does my body feel on-alert regularly, or most of my waking day?”


Negative emotions or the consistent use of the flight fight or fright hormones in our body can also cause pain or discomfort and cause blocks in our energy flow.

We are the captain of our own ship. Listen to your body and seek help to speak to someone who has the expertise to investigate. Most people’s first port of call would be the medical profession and being a nurse I endorse this. Hypnotherapy can be useful and effective to support you with any symptoms you have such as pain, nausea, anxiety or depression. The sessions consist of 20 mins therapy where we discuss what your hopes are for the session then the last part is where we have the hypnosis, which is a safe trance where you are aware of the sounds in the room and the world around you whilst you relax and allow the positive suggestions wash over you helping you to manage your symptoms or life changes at that time.

Be kind and take time to get to know yourselves after all you should be your own best friend.

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